BONUSLINK | Mobile Application


BonusLink runs a successful loyalty programme through a traditional website and fan page. However, they wanted to engage younger audiences, who are mostly accessible through the mobile platform.

Our solution was to create a mobile app which is compatible with the latest IOS and Android phones and will handle a large amount of data from an existing database server, as well as run smoothly with a member base of 7 million. It is also designed to encourage brand loyalty with enticing continuity to keep consumers coming back.

Flexibility was a key design feature that allowed the client to accommodate large amounts of data to help the client to update the content easily in today's fast-paced business climate. The app was designed to be easy to navigate and improve the business processes between Bonuslink and its business partners.

The app incorporated a centralised Content Management system that allows non-technical BonusLink staff to instantly update content, create discount vouchers and monitor performance of each module in the app which includes:

  • Highlight, promotions and banner management
  • Message board management (inbox messages and push notification)
  • Contest Management
  • Report & Statistical on member’s activity on the app
  • Web Services integration with existing member, points checking redemption function that is being used in business operation
  • Token redemption
  • Check points
  • Transaction listing
  • Points expiry
  • Promotion
  • Account, profile and pin management
  • Membership registration
  • Virtual card that generates both QR Code and 2D Bar Code
  • Online auction management
  • Location based services and geo-fencing
  • Bonus Dip (Lucky Draw Chest with a built-in randomised tiered prizes tool, using a pool of X point allotted during the month for an even spread.
  • Contest management that come up with trivia-type contest and instant winner announcement contest whereby participation can be as easy as replying with a simple answer and redeeming prizes via the app.
  • Discount voucher can be created on the mobile app for download with time/period validation panel for merchants to determine promotion period.
  • Stamp system that members would need to perform certain acts to be awarded with stamps that can be used to unlock certain entitlement.