THE Brand challenge

Kansai Paint Malaysia was not active in social media when client first approached us. Their total fan base was only 4,000. Client engaged us to shape the brand perception with social media, and to create and maintain lasting relationships with its potential customers. Our challenge was to create an effective brand message that is relevant to the target audience so they feel a connection to this brand.

THE insight and strategy

Before crafting out an effective long term social media communication plan, we immersed ourselves into fully understanding the brand and its distinctive point in the market. We carefully considered how the communication can help, the target group, the communication angle and the brand perception we would like to achieve throughout the plan.

We also focused on offering the market something new – a relatively rarity in the paint business, leading the way with a line of mosquitoe-repelling technology paint so that Kansai Paint will achieve top of the mind recall among consumers when it comes to paint

The plan

Most paint buyers are married or home owners who take pride in owning a beautiful home that reflects their taste and style. They will seek expert’s suggestion for colour painting ideas and DIY tips on the latest colour trend.

With that in mind, we crafted series of informative and inspiring product postings based on 4 main content pillars – DIY Decors Tips, Colour Forecast and Colour of The Year, Design & Room Space Suggestions, all written in the friendly tone of a professional advisor. Sharing these expert tips on home decors helped to build a trusting relationship with the customers. All posts were supported by trendy and classy home/space decor photos or Gifs, that showcased a strong brand identity, so consumers would be inspired to paint a beautiful home with Kansai Paint’s range of products.

We also ran a few monthly contests and campaigns to further entice consumers to interact with the brand. One of these was the MosBite CSR campaign where paint purchasers could sign up and receive Tokio Marine Insurance coverage for Dengue and Zika virus. We also leveraged on Facebook Marketing, Carousel ad and Canvas ad to maximise the reach to more potential audiences.

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