LEGO Singapore | Online Banner


LEGO promises children hours of creative play, where all they need to enjoy an adventure is their imagination. To increase brand recall for the LEGO City Fireman series of products, LEGO wanted an engaging campaign that promotes the idea of LEGO’s endless possibilities for fun as far as a child’s imagination allows.

The Challenge

Children today are more drawn towards computer games, while the imaginative play of traditional toys has been forgotten and set aside. Our challenge was to rekindle LEGO’s excitement for both kids and parents, especially for the LEGO City series which is well-known and popular among audiences. We also wanted to remind older folks of childhood hours spent enjoying made-up LEGO adventures. The task was to find a unique way for both parents and child to experience a LEGO moment together and engage both generations at the same time, resulting in children influencing parents to buy.

A Fun Firefighting Solution

We wanted to showcase that LEGO was still cool, and will more than satisfy our audience’s desire for action and engagement. The trick was to engage both parents and kids together. So, instead of waiting passively for parents to access the LEGO site, we targeted them directly with a banner media buy on a children’s game site. Realising the usual animated banner would not be enough to stand out in a crowded market, we created a special in-game banner with a twist – it was designed to work with mobile as a supporting medium. Hence, users would be enticed by an interactive scenario, with the added attraction that both parent and child could play together using mobile. As a result, we were able to connect both generations to share the LEGO experience together, with the understanding that the more consumers get to engage ads on their own terms, the more memorable their brand experience will be.

A Unique Banner Execution

Our solution was to create an adventure that allowed both generations to enjoy the LEGO experience together. With the insight that children enjoy computer games, we designed special in-game banners with a unique twist – it was created to work with mobile as a supporting medium. We featured an exciting fireman adventure that came alive when children asked parents to help scan a QR code to sync their phones to the banner. Animated fire spreads on-screen and players used their phones as a hose to put it out. The process helped to remind parents of their childhood fun with LEGO.