F&N MAGNOLIA | Mobile Application


F&N Magnolia Mag-A-Cone wanted to improve brand recall and increase product demand for targets aged 15-24. However, the idea was to avoid repetitive advertising that will surely be ignored as blind spots. We used insights that youths spend approximately 20 hours gaming each week and that smart phones have become an essential medium. So we created a highly-engaging mobile game called 'Bike Hero'.

How it works

Users ride a scooter in the game to avoid obstacles while collecting Mag-A-Cones for points. Points unlock better scooters to overcome greater obstacles, adding a higher level of addictiveness. Players also earn points by sharing the game on Facebook. The highlight is a bonus stage which is unlocked with codes provided through purchase of Magnolia Mag-A-Cones. Here, augmented reality is embedded into the app whereby players visit GPS-tagged locations such as malls, tourist spots and colleges and use their smartphones to capture animated Mag-A-Cones for bonus points.