Unicharm wanted an easier process to keep track of sales numbers and inventory to replace their old system of logging paperwork and tabulating results by hand. We created an efficient, easy-to-use inventory management mobile app that allows promoters at different outlets over Malaysia to enter sales and inventory data. The marketing team may also review products and brands sales activities, stock count, generate reports, and view full reports via a Web Admin Panel.

With the app on a smartphone, promoters can enter the purchase, sales, stock count or user sampling data as soon as each transaction is done, then sync it with the system. This is designed to eliminate mismanagement or missing entries.

The App has a simple and intuitive user interface (UI) for entering and keeping track of sales reports, out of stock reports, new user / sampling reports, sales activities checks and face checks, so that even promoters who were not used to technology can fully understand the process.

The best part of the app is its flexibility to accommodate Unicharm's business model which manages various of brands and products. Data was fed daily to a central database where management could easily view concise as well as comprehensive reports online. Hence, sales and inventory can now be tracked with enhanced convenience and accuracy.